Meoka Mcbride

Meoka credits her warm, easygoing aura to her small town upbringing in Bryan, Texas. Many ask, "Where does the name Meoka come from?" You'd have to ask her mother to get that answer! Meoka has a B.F.A in dance from Sam Houston State University and is Peak Pilates certified. She moved to Houston in 2007 and has danced professionally for four years.

She has always been a fitness enthusiast, as she worked her way through college by teaching group fitness classes. In college, she had the opportunity to take private sessions with a professor who was working towards her Pilate’s certification. The positive changes to her body and the gained knowledge of body awareness was enough to peak her interest for Pilates.

Meoka will help you accomplish your fitness goals; rather it is weight lost, maintaining your fit body or helping you improve strength and flexibility. Meoka also provides conditioning for dancers which incorporates exercises to improve the dancers overall technique, flexibility, ROM, strength, stamina and confidence. When she is not exercising, teaching, or dancing, Meoka spends time with her two wonderful boys and resides in the Houston area.

She believes that the It Works products are a great supplement to your healthy lifestyle! With consistency and perseverance, all things are possible. 

Open up your mind to the possibilities. You can have the body you've always wanted, if you are willing to work for it!  ~Meoka 

Meoka is a proud member of the Houston Pilates Association!

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